Wavelength Calculator

The Wavelength Calculator provides a general purpose utility for determining the Free Space Wavelength, Characteristic Impedance, and Velocity of Light for a plane wave at a user defined frequency (f) in a Region that is Uniformly Filled with a dielectric material that is also defined by the user by entering the Relative Permittivity and Relative Permeability of the dielectric material.

The Wavelength Calculator requires the user to provide the Region Frequency, Relative Permittivity, and Relative Permeability:

  1. 1INPUT - Frequency, Hz.
  2. 2INPUT - Relative Permeability.
  3. 3INPUT - Relative Permeability.
  4. 4Free Space Wavelength is Calculated for an Isotropic Region.
  5. 5Free Space Characteristic Impedance is Calculated for an Isotropic Region.
  6. 6Velocity of Light is Calculated for an Isotropic Region.

Wavelength Calculator

Finally, SiberSci, LLC also provides visitors with access to Electromagnetic Engineering Calculators that are used for designing circuits, or exploring solutions to problems.  Three transmission line calculators are provided that include a Coax TEM Mode Calculator, a Rectangular Waveguide TEm,n Calculator, and to complete this set a Rectangular Waveguide TMm,n Calculator.  The remaining three Electromagnetic Engineering Calculators are general purpose analysis tools.  For instance, the Wavelength Calculator can be used to determine the length of a Monopole Antenna, while the Skin Depth Calculator is commonly used to determine the metal thickness for Microstrip, Stripline, and CPW transmission lines.  The Skin Depth Calculator is also used to determine the metal thickness for electroplating cavity assemblies and waveguide assemblies.  The final calculator is the Dielectric Heating Calculator, which is used to estimate the frequency-dependent power and electric field to heat a defined volume and mass of dielectric material in a defined time period.  If you do not see the calculator that you need for your problem, then Contact Us to determine if we can provide you with this calculator.

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