24 Element Octagonal Patch Antenna Array

Expert Antenna Engineering Consulting Services

Antenna Engineering is a core competency for SiberSci, LLC, and SiberSci, LLC provides clients with services for optimizing the performance of existing antennas, as well as providing research, design, development, and optimization of new:

  • Wire Antennas
  • Reflector Antennas
  • Planar Antennas
  • Conformal Antennas
  • Lens Antennas
  • Ablation Antennas
  • Sensing Antennas

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Expert Antenna Engineering Consulting Services

Antenna technology is an integral part of our lives in the 21st century.  Mobile phones contain multiple antennas for their different bands of operation, which include GPS, Bluetooth, two bands for Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and the 5G systems, and other applications.  Similarly, satellite receivers for homes and automobiles use unique antennas for their intended applications, as well as air-traffic control radars, weather radars, wind shear radars, fire control radars, navigation radars, collision avoidance radars, cancer ablation, and countless other government and domestic applications.  This expanding presence of antennas for new systems or products often require the development of a new antenna for these devices, which SiberSci, LLC can support.  SiberSci, LLC can also assist with solving performance issues for existing antennas.

SiberSci, LLC provides Antenna Consulting Resources and Antenna Consulting Services for a wide range of antenna geometries.  SiberSci, LLC provides services for the theoretical analysis, design, development, fabrication, testing, validation, and optimization of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Antennas including:

  1. 1Parabolic reflectors,
  2. 2Corner reflectors,
  3. 3Frequency specific standard gain horns,
  4. 4Corrugated horns,
  5. 5Dielectric lens,
  6. 6Lunenburg lens,
  7. 7Rotman Lens,
  8. 8Cassegrain,
  9. 9Inverse Cassegrain,
  10. 10Spiral,
  11. 11Patch,
  12. 12Linear Wire Monopole, Dipole, and Helix,
  13. 13Medical Tissue Ablation,
  14. 14RFID Near-Field,
  15. 15RFID Far-Field, and
  16. 16application-specific antennas.

Contact us if your antenna geometry is not shown on this abbreviated list since not everything can be included here.  Regardless, this experience permits SiberSci, LLC to review both your performance specifications and size constraints for the antenna subsystem, from which SiberSci, LLC can provide services for the theoretical design, prototyping, fabrication, optimization, and manufacturing for one or more hardware configurations to satisfy the requirements.  SiberSci, LLC can also review proprietary performance specifications, size constraints, and proposed hardware configurations to determine if these concepts are suitable for the intended application, or determine if the design concept must be modified to satisfy the stated requirements.  Performance and physical limitations for each design concept will be documented during the review process, and modifications to the design concept will be documented to illustrate how the design concept must be adapted to satisfy the performance and size limitations.  If some portion of the performance or size specification is found to be physically impossible to achieve, then these problem areas are revealed along with recommendations to circumvent these barriers to achieving the requisite performance.

Next, it is important for each client to realize that the accuracy of CEM (Computational ElectroMagnetic) simulations are dependent upon both the frequency and temperature-dependent material properties (thermal conductivity, complex permittivity, relative permittivity, loss tangent, electrical conductivity, density, specific heat,…) of the metals and dielectrics used for fabricating antenna circuits, so these material properties must typically be measured so they can be included in the CEM simulations.  Laboratory and contract resources are available to determine these material properties, which are essential for providing accurate CEM simulations of antenna circuits and associated subsystems.  SiberSci, LLC provides each client with the capability to only use valid material properties for their CEM simulations.

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If you are ready for an initial consultation, then please submit your inquiry for an Antenna Consulting project to Dr. Scott Best, and specifically state if a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required to protect your business-sensitive information, Intellectual Property (IP), or Proprietary Data (PD).  SiberSci, LLC will provide an NDA for review, negotiation, and amendment by the client to safeguard and protect their IP and PD.  SiberSci, LLC will also provide a budgetary quotation and schedule for performing the client-defined Antenna Consulting effort after reviewing the performance and size requirements.  Work on the Antenna Consulting project will commence when a contract has been negotiated and legally executed by SiberSci, LLC and the client.

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SiberSci, LLC is built upon the professional experience of Dr. Scott Best, who has worked in both industry and government. His professional experience has witnessed dramatic changes in techniques available for solving Electromagnetic Engineering problems, as well as for performing laboratory measurements and experiments.


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