Rectangular Waveguide TEm,n Calculator

The Rectangular Waveguide TEm,n Calculator shown below provide engineers and students with an online tool that they can use to analyze Rectangular Waveguide Configurations for their circuits.  The user is required to define the Relative Permittivity and Relative Permeability of the dielectric material that is uniformly filling the waveguide, along with the Units for the dimensions used for the waveguide.  Supplying this information permits the following two items to be calculated:

  1.  TEm,n Mode Cutoff Frequency (fc), and
  2. TEm,n Mode Characteristic Impedance.

A frequency (f) may now be provided by the User to calculate the following parameters for the Rectangular Waveguide:

  1. TEm,n Mode Guide Wavelength
  2. TEm,n Mode Propagation Constant
  3. TEm,n Mode Phase Velocity, and
  4. TEm,n Mode Group Velocity.


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