SiberSci, LLC Electromagnetic Engineering Consulting  Services

Electromagnetic Engineering Consulting Services are provided for the research, design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing of hardware in the RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave spectrums.

Electromagnetic Engineering Services for: Antennas | Receivers | Transmitters | Transmission Lines and Networks | Power Splitters and Combiners | Impedance Matching Networks | Microwave heating and drying equipment | RF heating and drying equipment | Microwave ablation systems | Low temperature and thermal plasma systems | Vacuum Electronics

At SiberSci, LLC, we pride ourselves on our Electromagnetic Engineering Consulting Services. We use Electromagnetic Engineering Fundamentals to solve every client’s problem in the most efficient way possible. This methodology is derived from Prof. J.C. Maxwell’s unified electromagnetic theory from 1873. Even though this theory is over 150 years old, it is still used today and provides engineers with a strong theoretical foundation for performing RF Engineering, Microwave Engineering, and Millimeter-Wave Engineering tasks. In order to meet or exceed client specifications, Electromagnetic Engineering Fundamentals are applied to every component, circuit, or system we analyze, design, and optimize at SiberSci, LLC.

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Photo of Professor James Clerk Maxwell with Maxwell's Four Differential Equations

SiberSci, LLC Electromagnetic Engineering Consulting Services

Antenna Engineering Services

Microwave Engineering Services

Microwave Heating Engineering Services

Millimeter-Wave Engineering Services

RF Engineering Services

RF Heating Engineering Services

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SiberSci, LLC provides clients with Electromagnetic Engineering Consulting Services to address their individual Electromagnetic Engineering needs. We offer services to research, design, develop, prototype, optimize, and manufacture devices, circuits, and systems for clients. We also provide services for failure analysis of devices, circuits, and systems, as well as reverse engineering competitor devices and circuits.

Next, SiberSci, LLC provides technical support for the creation of new patents, as well as reviewing existing patents to identify weaknesses and assist clients in avoiding infringement. We also provide technical expert testimony for various situations.

Finally, if you are seeking assistance with solving an Electromagnetic Engineering problem, then contact SiberSci, LLC by telephone or e-mail to initiate a discussion of your requirements. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be negotiated and executed to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) before the details of your project are disclosed. A quote is provided at this time for services to be rendered, along with a contract defining the work to be performed for the client.

SiberSci, LLC is looking forward to working with you on your project and solving your problem(s) in one of our six areas of Electromagnetic Engineering expertise.

Electromagnetic Engineering Calculators provided by SiberSci, LLC

Coax TEM Mode Calculator

Determines the Wavelength (λ) of a user defined Frequency (f) in a region uniformly filled by a dielectric defined by a Relative Permittivity and Relative Permeability

Dielectric Heating Calculator

Determine the frequency-dependent average power and electric field required to heat a defined dielectric material volume and mass in a time period.

Rectangular Waveguide TEm,n Calculator

Determine the guided wave properties in a Rectangular Waveguide for any TE-mode indices (m,n) supplied by the user.

Rectangular Waveguide TMm,n Calculator

Determine the guided wave properties in a Rectangular Waveguide for any TM-mode indices (m,n) supplied by the user.

Skin Depth Calculator

Determine the minimum thickness of any metal conductivity to be used at a defined frequency to minimize the loss in a transmission line or resonant circuit.

Wavelength and Impedance Calculator

Determines the Wavelength (λ) of a user-defined Frequency (f) in an isotropic homogenous region filled by a dielectric defined by Relative Permittivity and Relative Permeability.

SiberSci, LLC Electromagnetic Engineering Consulting Services:

  • Solve a performance problem(s) with a product.
  • Develop a new product to satisfy an industrial, consumer, medical, avionics, or military requirement.
  • Resolve a manufacturing problem with a product to improve the first-pass yield, reduce scrap, and improve profitability for the product.
  • Cost reduction of a product to maintain or enhance performance while improving profitability.
  • Provide expert witness testimony regarding the design, assembly, and performance of an electromagnetic circuit, subsystem, system, or product.
  • Provide theoretical, analytical, and numerical electromagnetic engineering design services for both existing and new products.
  • Provide laboratory measurement and characterization services for electromagnetic hardware and assemblies.
SiberSci, LLC is built upon the professional experience of Dr. Scott Best, who has worked in both industry and government. His professional experience has witnessed dramatic changes in techniques available for solving Electromagnetic Engineering problems, as well as for performing laboratory measurements and experiments.


SiberSci, LLC is ready to begin solving your Electromagnetic Engineering problems today.