EDI CON ONLINE (https://www.edicononline.com/)

Dr. Scott Best is an invited speaker at EDI CON ONLINE (https://www.edicononline.com/), where he will discuss the design and fabrication of a 915 MHz Near-Field Antenna for reading individual RFID tags.  Classical RFID systems use Far-Field Antennas to simultaneously read numerous RFID tags, but systems employing this type of antenna are challenged when used to identify a specific package on a pallet.  The Near-Field Antenna resolves this problem.

The Near-Field RFID Antenna can be used to identify a specific package located in a box or pallet containing dozens of individual packages, and can also be used to inspect and verify that an RFID tag is functional.  Failure rates for RFID tags can be as high 30%, which can introduce package tracking and inventory accounting errors if defective RFID tags are deployed on packages.

The details for this presentation can be found at https://www.edicononline.com/speakers/dr-scott-best/.